The presence of a certificate for the right to sell air transportation made it possible to conclude direct cooperation agreements with such airlines as:
MAU, Lufthansa, KLM, TurkishAirlines, AirFrance, Britishairlain, flyDubai and others.

The company has connections in almost all countries of the world, but if necessary, our representative independently travels to any country and fully undertakes the processing of all documents necessary for the transportation of the body. Also, our company provides full legal support of all processes related to the transportation of the bodies of the dead, in any country of the world.

Transportation of the body of the deceased (zinc coffin)

Our qualified staff is fully competent in all requirements and legal regulations of the countries of Europe, the CIS, and the USA, which allows you to process all necessary documents as soon as possible. Our Ritual House officially cooperates with the Ritual houses of the full complex, in the CIS countries, Europe, the USA. The qualified personnel of our partners will prepare the deceased in accordance with all requirements and standards for further dispatch and subsequent farewell.

Our ritual service organizes the search and return of the bodies of citizens of Ukraine from anywhere in the world. Also, the range of services provided includes the organization of the burial of the deceased (both burial and cremation).

According to international sanitary requirements, the body is placed in a sealed zinc shipping container, which, if necessary, can be equipped with additional filters.


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