Organization of a funeral in Kiev

Funeral is always an extremely exciting and tragic event for the loved ones of the deceased.

That is why it is necessary to order the organization of a funeral in a ritual agency, and receive guarantees that every moment and every nuance will be taken into account when carrying out all the necessary ritual procedures.

Today, more and more people prefer to order the services of the organization of funerals from specialized agencies and not worry about the fact that something can go wrong.

Funeral arrangements

The organization of a funeral is a complex process that involves a lot of important aspects: preparing the body of the deceased, paperwork, coordinating and choosing a place for burial, choosing a cafe for a funeral dinner. Attention should be paid to the choice of ritual transport for the coffin with the departed; for relatives and relatives who want to come to say goodbye to him at the cemetery.

It should be noted that in the process of organizing a funeral, an important role is played by the timeliness of each individual part of the process, their interaction and consideration of each important nuance. Our ritual agents are ready to offer a full range of services that will allow you to interact with the morgue, the church, the cemetery and the institution where the funeral dinner will be held, without taking the attention of relatives and friends of the deceased.

Funeral of Kiev and the Kiev region (oblastj)

We control the entire funeral process and can ensure that the funeral is held in a relaxed atmosphere. Call our ritual agent and he will take over the organization and conduct of the funeral, a memorial dinner and the arrangement of the grave in the form in which the customer wishes.

Improvement of graves in Kiev

In the spring, it is time to visit the cemeteries to beautify the burial places of our loved ones.

Melting of snow, subsidence of soil can violate the integrity of the burial site, deform the fence, lead to fading or destruction of monuments and monuments.

The ritual house “Pantheon” offers a range of services for the arrangement of burial sites and keeping them in proper form (cleaning of graves, restoration of monuments and fences, etc.).

Goodbye hall

On the territory of our ritual home has its own hall for a farewell ceremony.

A cozy and bright room allows you to hold a farewell in a comfortable environment, where no one will distract the bereaved, to hold a funeral service.

In the hall there is a pedestal on which a coffin with the body of the deceased is put, sets of exclusive forged stands for portrait, icons, wreaths, candles. At the request of customers, the ritual hall can be decorated with fresh flowers.

Having contacted our administrator by phone, you can order a hall for a farewell ceremony.

Ритуальный зал

Memorial meal

Memorial meal
The organization of the funeral dinner includes a menu order and a discussion of all the important points of the finished dishes that should be included in this list.

Often you need to think about a lot of important nuances: count the number of commemorators, provide for a valid post, choose the right music. Often, customers of the funeral dinner may have additional requirements for the design of the hall.

Our ritual agency in Kiev is ready to offer a large selection of cafes in which you can hold funeral lunches at an acceptable cost, in any area of ​​Kiev and in accordance with the wishes of the client.


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