Ritual agent in KIEV

The death of a loved one is stressful for relatives. And even if relatives prepared for this event, the first hours and days are among the most difficult. People are in a state of grief and loss. Therefore, it is rather difficult to prepare and organize a farewell ceremony, being in this state.

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The agents of our ritual house are high-class specialists who will help you to solve all the questions concerning the organization and conduct of the funeral procession. We do not work on the template. Individual approach is guaranteed in each case. Our specialist will be the main assistant for relatives in these difficult days.

What can help the agent of the ritual house ’’Pantheon’’:

Departure to the place of death

Consultation on issues

preparation and organization of the process of farewell, cremation, burial.

Registration of the necessary documents:

medical certificate of death, registration of death in the RAGS, the Prosecutor’s permission for the burial or cremation of the body, registration of a place in the cemetery and others.

Help in the selection

coffin, wreaths and other ritual paraphernalia with the subsequent design of the blank-dress.

Registration of the contract

for the provision of funeral services.

Organization of transportation

body in the morgue.


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