Service cooling chamber

As an alternative to the state mortuary, our ritual home offers body storage services in modern cooling chamber that meet the latest technology and technical standards.

Morgue services (body transportation to the morgue) in Kiev

Morgue services (body transport to the morgue) may be needed in various situations and often relatives or relatives try to turn to professionals to perform all the necessary procedures and manipulations with the body and face of the deceased. Very often, the services of a refrigerating chamber may be needed if it is necessary to store the body for a long time for further disposal on a specific day or determining the cause of death, which takes time.

We offer transportation of the body to the state morgue in Kiev and also the services of a cold room for storing the body. We employ experienced professionals who are able to carry out all the necessary procedures with the body, preparing it for transportation and further burial.

What is included in the list of cold storage services (body storage):

Body wash

hygienic processing, deodorization


Dressing body in clothes

Applying high-quality makeup

Body storage

in special conditions the required amount of time


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