Funeral of animals in Kiev

Every person experiences the death of a beloved animal as if he had lost a close and close person. People get accustomed to animals in the family, they are loved, they are taken care of and when these animals die, need to bury them in a proper way – with all the honors. In this case, you need to find a special cemetery, arrange the necessary documents, order monuments and subsequent care of the graves.

Cremation of animals in Kiev

Our ritual bureau offers services of cremation and burial of animals in Kiev, which will not only bury the pet of the family in the right place – at the cemetery for animals, but will not cause additional problems that may be associated with finding a suitable place and choosing ritual paraphernalia on the grave. We know how to carry out the burial of animals in order to honor their memory.

Burial of animals in Kiev

For the burial of the animal, we will provide special coffins and wreaths, and after the burial we will take care of its grave and its proper decoration and arrangement. For each individual burial, we will offer appropriate monuments or a statue. Choose a suitable sign and write important words that you would like to say. We also offer the manufacture of special monuments for an animal with a drawing of its portrait on this attribute.


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